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Backing Track Song List

Total No. of Songs
Song Name
(30 to choose from)
If Strictly Religious Songs
If Civil Ceremony
1 Amazing Grace Religious  
2 Alleluhai (Alex Burke) Religious
3 Gospel Acclamation Religious  
4 Braveheart theme (instrumenttal) Religious
5 Bridal March entrance Religious
6 Bridal March Exit Religious
7 The Wedding Song Religious  
8 I Promise You (Leona Lewis song - with lyrics changed) Religious  
9 You Raise me Up (Brian Kennedy) Religious
10 Here I am Lord Religious  
11 Ave Maria ( Schubert) Religious  
12 On Eagles Wings Religious  
13 The Prayer (Celine Dion or Celtic Women) Religious  
14 Be Not Afraid Religious  
15 Make me a Channel of your Peace Religious  
16 Over the rainbow (eva cassidy)    
17 In the Arms of an Angel (Sarah McCloughlin)    
18 Fields of Gold (Eva Cassidy)    
19 From this moment (Shania Twain)    
20 Caledonia (various)    
21 No Frontiers (Mary black)    
22 The Rose (Bette Midler)    
23 Feels like Home
(soundtrack of "how to lose a guy in 10 days")
24 We've Only Just Begun (The Carpenters)    
25 I love you just the way you are (Billy Joel)    
26 On top of the world (The Carpenters)    
27 Song Bird (Eva Cassidy)    
28 The Voyage    
29 Heaven (Brian Adams)    
30 L.O.V.E (Nat King Cole)    
As you will see from my list, I have specified suitability for your song choice. If your priest, insists on strictly religious, then you must pick from the 15 religious songs. If you are having a civil ceremony, then you must pick from the 19 civil ceremony songs. Only 5 are suitable for both. All of the songs have been sang in catholic ceremonies, so if your priest is flexible then you can pick from all 30 songs.